OpTic Gaming Owners Infinite Esports Cut Ties with an Investor After Managing Partner Arrested for Assaulting Wife with Hammer

Infinite Esports, the ownership group of OpTic Gaming and OWL team Houston Outlaws, has reportedly cut ties with one of its investors, after a managing partner was arrested for assaulting his wife with a hammer.

According to a police report, the managing partner of Deep Space Ventures, Stephen Hays, was arrested after an alleged attack on his wife with a hammer in their home in Frisco, Texas.

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As reported by ESPN, according to sources Infinite Esports & Entertainment has now ‘cut ties’ with Deep Space Ventures as a result of the arrest.

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Hays is a former investment banker and one of the co-founders of Deep space Ventures, a $20 million investment fund. He posted $50,000 bond on Tuesday, August 7.

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The police report states that Stephen Hays’ wife, Christine Hays, told police in hospital that her husband had assaulted her after attending a Panic! At the Disco concert, from which she had returned home in an Uber.

She told police that Hays awoke her at around 4am, walking into her bedroom with a hammer in hand and assaulting her with it and other items which he threw at her.

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After police searched the premises, they found the bedroom door broken and a hammer stuck in the wall above the bed.

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Hays also previously pleaded guilty to the attempted assault of another woman in November 2017, but says he was forced into making the plea and maintains that he is innocent of this offense.

Deep Space Ventures investment deal with Infinite Esports started in December, and they also invested in a number of other esports related companies.

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Source: ESPN

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