New details of 2018 lawsuit vs FaZe Clan emerge amid Tfue legal battle - Dexerto

New details of 2018 lawsuit vs FaZe Clan emerge amid Tfue legal battle

Published: 5/Jun/2019 14:31 Updated: 5/Jun/2019 16:39

by Calum Patterson


New materials have emerged regarding the ongoing lawsuit against esports organization FaZe Clan, from failed social media platform Hubrick, which could also play a crucial role in Tfue’s legal case.

The report from The Blast on June 5 details that FaZe are accused of “breaking away from the company and raiding the corporate offices in the middle of the night.”

FaZe Clan is currently embroiled in a highly-publicized legal battle with former player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, who is reportedly pursuing litigation over his contract with the organization.

The corporate offices shared by Hubrick and FaZe Clan were allegedly ‘raided’ by the esports organization.

Hubrick was started by Norwegian entrepreneur Sebastian Guerts, who formed a business relationship with FaZe co-founder Tommy ‘Temperrr’ Oliviera, who later described Guerts as a like a “big brother”. Current FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink was also recruited as part of the joint venture between Hubrick and FaZe.

Hubrick’s lawsuit, filed in 2018, apparently claims that they were “screwed over”, describing the incident specifically as “a case of an unabashed theft of a business by a group of its employees, officers, directors and joint venture partners. In what amounts to an overnight corporate raid.”

According to documents obtained by The Blast, FaZe stole “dozens of computers and gaming stations, some of the office furniture (…) and left it ransacked as little more than piles of empty boxes”. The Blast also obtained images of the offices following the alleged ‘raid’, which show the presumably empty PS4 and ASUS monitor boxes, and empty desks.

Images obtained by The Blast appear to show the “ransacked” office.

FaZe “owes their success to Hubrick”, claims report

Additionally, Hubrick claim to have “funded FaZe directly” with a $1.3 million deposit into a FaZe bank account, according to the report.

The investment provided by Hubrick is believed to have helped build the most expensive CS:GO team ever, featuring an all-star lineup of five of the best players in the world.

Hubrick is said to be seeking an amount in excess of $1 million for “intentional interference with prospective economic advantage and misappropriation of trade secrets.”

FaZe ClanFaZe Clan’s initial CS:GO team was reportedly the most expensive roster ever.

How does this relate to Tfue’s lawsuit?

Blast sources have also claimed that the Hubrick lawsuit is “important” to Tfue’s legal team, as it serves as an example of “how poorly the business was being ran at the time.”

FaZe co-owner Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks previously admitted that Tfue’s contract was “horrible”, and stated that he had “made the mistake of allowing shit people to run (the) business. We’ve solved those issues and are trying our best.”

The report indicates FaZe Clan are now apparently facing a double-barrel of civil litigation, as both Tfue and Hubrick pursue damages.

The organization are also facing accusations of knowingly recruiting an 11-year-old Fortnite player and streamer, H1ghsky1, claiming he was 13.  His real age would violate Twitch’s terms of service, which stipulate streamers must be aged over 13. 

On June 5, H1ghsky1’s channel was banned, but it is currently unclear if the cause of the suspension was related to his age.

Call of Duty

100 Thieves’ Tommey reveals footage of man stealing his new gaming chair

Published: 5/Dec/2020 12:44

by Joe Craven


Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren, ex-Call of Duty pro turned full time Warzone competitor for 100 Thieves, has had his brand new gaming chair stolen, after it was left outside the Airbnb at which he was staying. 

Tommey, who recently joined 100 Thieves as a member of their Warzone team, had a new gaming chair on the way from Mavix. The new brand of gaming chairs from X-Chairs have partnered with a number of streamers, including 100 Thieves content creator Valkyrae.

It seems Tommey was also getting a new Mavix chair just in time for Christmas, but an unknown thief stole the delivery after it was left outside, unsupervised.

Tommey competing at CoD Champs.

On December 5, he shared CCTV footage of his chair being lifted from outside his accommodation. A pick-up truck can be seen pulling up, before a man gets out and walks up the drive way. He then casually picks up the box in which the chair is in and places it in his truck, before driving away.

“Well, there goes my new chair,” Tommey said. “I got sent the footage in the hope we’d be able to report it and find the man, but he’s well covered up. Merry Christmas, random man. I hope the chair brings you lots of joy.”

He went on to explain that the chair was left outside the Airbnb at which he was staying, and that the delivery company did not even attempt to hide it or place it in a more discreet location.

Unfortunately, the thief did a pretty good job of covering his tracks. Tommey also suspected that he was not the only victim. “His tailgate is removed and he has a chain in place,” he said. “If you look, he also has another box in the back of the truck. Which means he’s purposely driving around and taking multiple packages.”

Despite his best efforts, it doesn’t seem like Tommey is holding out too much hope of finding the culprit. Thankfully, he confirmed that a replacement has been sent out, free of charge.

Tommey is perhaps best known for hist time with Splyce and Fnatic, achieving a number of impressive placements across the Infinite Warfare and WWII seasons.

However, despite being a substitute for the Dallas Empire in the CDL’s opening season, he has since become part of Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves, as a full-time Warzone streamer and competitor.