Full List of Finalists for the 2018 Esports Awards – Group One

Esports Industry Awards

The Group One finalists for the 2018 Esports Awards have been solidified following a massive amount of nominations from across the scene.

With the word of esports growing on what seems like a daily basis, community members decided that it would be in the best interest of the industry to host an annual award show in order to commemorate the best of the best.

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First held in 2016, the Esports Awards show aims to recognize ‘top class performance and innovation’ from those around the scene, such as players, developers, media members, hardware providers, and a collection of other categories.

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On July 11th, a collection of finalists for the 2018 Esports Awards were announced for Group One, spanning twelve separate categories.

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Fans and community members will have the chance to vote and decide the winners with 25% of the overall vote coming from the community, while the remaining 75% is dictated by the EIA panel.

A full list of the Group One finalists is available below, with Group Two finalists set to be announced in the future. Voting for the 2018 Esports Awards can be found right here, with the show taking place on Monday, November 12th.

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Esports Breakthrough Game of the Year

  • Battalion 1944
  • Call of Duty: WWII
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale
  • Arena of Valor
  • Clash Royale
  • Dragon Ball Fighterz
  • NBA 2K18
  • FIFA 18

Partner of the Year

  • Rocket Mortgage
  • Gillette
  • Intel
  • Omen By HP
  • Betway
  • Turtle Wax
  • HyperX
  • Toyota
  • Alienware
  • HTC T-Mobile
  • Dr Pepper

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Esports Coverage Website of the Year

  • Blitz Esports
  • HLTV
  • Liquipedia
  • Dot Esports
  • The Score
  • CharlieINTEL
  • ESPN Esports
  • Dexerto
  • Inven Global

Esports Game of the Year

  • League of Legends
  • Call of Duty: WWII
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale
  • Overwatch
  • Dragon Ball Fighterz
  • Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Rainbow Six: Siege
  • PUBG
  • DOTA 2
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Esports Hardware Provider of the Year

  • Turtle Beach
  • Nvidia
  • ASUS
  • Scuf Gaming
  • Omen By HP
  • Intel
  • Corsair
  • Logitech
  • Zowie
  • Razer
  • GT Omega
  • HyperX


Esports Journalist of the Year

  • Emily Rand
  • Tyler ‘Fionnonfire’ Erzberger
  • Laure Valee
  • Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau
  • Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields
  • Travis Gafford
  • Jacob Wolf
  • Richard Lewis
  • Jarek ‘DeKay’ Lewis
  • Mike Kent

Esports Photographer of the Year

  • Stephanie Lindgren
  • Robert Paul
  • Joe Brady
  • Kyle Miller
  • Helena Kristiansson
  • Rich Lock
  • João Ferreira
  • Chris Betancourt

Esports Publisher of the Year

  • EA
  • Capcom
  • Valve
  • Psyonix
  • Epic Games
  • Blizzard
  • Ubisoft
  • Riot Games
  • Activision
  • Bluehole

Esports Supporting Agency of the Year

  • Code Red
  • Anna B. Baumann
  • Evolved Talent Agency
  • Level 99
  • ESG Law
  • Stark Esports
  • Freaks 4U Gaming
  • National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE)

Esports Videographer of the Year

  • John ‘The Narwhal’ Farrar
  • Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards
  • Philipp ‘Philian’ Neubauer
  • Max Olivo
  • Rhys Rasmussen
  • Damian Estrada
  • Gabriel Ruiz
  • Robert ‘OhhRogerr’ Rogers

Streamer of the Year

  • Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani
  • Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar
  • Dr Disrespect
  • Stone Mountain 64
  • Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp
  • Félix ‘XQC’ Lengyel
  • Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins
  • Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop
  • Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek
  • Pokimane

Streaming Platform of the Year

  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Znipe.TV
  • Mixer
  • Facebook