Esports TO Unified threatened with class action lawsuit over unpaid money

Declan Mclaughlin

Unified, an esports tournament organizer that does event management, production, and white-label services, has come under fire again as someone has threatened to file a lawsuit against the company.

Unified came under fire in 2022 over missing payments, mistreating staff, and general incompetence. Dexerto previously reported that the company had outstanding payments due for freelance staff and participating teams.

Unified has held tournament in a variety of titles, but mostly stick to Valorant and League of Legends events. These issues seemingly happened across multiple esports events and even led to the dismissal of Unified staff.

The tournament organizer was chosen by Riot Games to host and broadcast an amateur event in 2021 and eventually earned the right to run the developer’s Proving Grounds circuit for 2022. The accusations over unpaid prize money from Unified events hit social media in July 2022. The company’s CEO, Ramsey Jamoul, responded to the allegations shortly after.

The executive apologized for the delay in payments and said the company was “taking every action possible to right these wrongs.”

New allegations hit esports TO Unified

While that seemed to be the end of the situation, new allegations have surfaced over more alleged delayed payments from the company.

Ethan Liu, who sold his company, Challengers Uprising, to Unified in 2022 has claimed that he is owed almost $3,000 by the company on social media. Liu told Dexerto that Unified has allegedly reneged on its agreed-upon payment schedule.

He asked for others on social media who are also still owed money by the company to reach out, so they can start “mobilizing in some collective action.”

As of the time of writing, one person has responded claiming he is also owed around $1,000 from Unified.

The company has not made a statement about the claims as of yet.

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