Esports Lawyer Bryce Blum Says Betting Lawmakers Don’t Look Like Experts

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Founding partner of Electronic Sports and Gaming Law, Bryce Blum weighs in on the controversial New Jersey sports betting law and its effect on esports.

The new law does not seem to have been written by lawyers with a keen understanding of the professional gaming scene.

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Blum is a partner at a large law firm focused on esports and gaming law.

He noticed the regulations treat electronic sports the same as high school sports, which seems outrageous to those on the outside looking in.

The law prohibits betting on most video gaming events, but international events with more than half of the competitors being over 18 years old will be allowed.

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The lawyer responded to the New Jersey law in a series of tweets.

He makes an excellent point about how lawmakers do not appear as if they are in touch with competitive gaming.

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This betting regulation is one of the first to cover esports, but as the sport continues to grow more regulations will likely come down.

If you are interested in reading more about the New Jersey betting law, you can find that here.

We will continue to cover these as they affect the world of competitive gaming.