Dr Disrespect blasts "overrated" Epic Games after watching Fortnite World Cup qualifiers - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect blasts "overrated" Epic Games after watching Fortnite World Cup qualifiers

Published: 14/Apr/2019 11:16

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite and the upcoming World Cup event.

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Dr Disrespect vs Epic Games: A brief history

The hugely popular Twitch streamer, who has amassed a cult-like following of over three million followers on the platform, has never been one to mince his words or hold back when it comes to leveling criticism.

He has regularly taken on game developers, including numerous shots at Epic in the past, when he takes issue with something they’ve done to their game – be that releasing a poorly constructed title to begin with or tossing out a patch update that seemingly breaks something in-game.

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G FUELThe Doc isn’t trying to compete in the Fortnite World Cup – but he’s still not a fan of the event.

The Doc talks trash on Twitter

This time, however, he didn’t blast Epic for adding a new weapon or nerfing an in-game grenade but, instead, piled on to the already standing criticism about the Baller vehicle, by once again labeling the developers as “overrated.”


The Doc vented his frustrations about trying to watch FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney in the World Cup qualifiers – only to have the games overtaken by players in Ballers.

He tweeted: “I’m trying to watch Tfue slay out in these qualifiers but these overrated developers from North Carolina think watching a bunch of blue balls is fun.”

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Players grow frustrated of the Baller vehicle

Prior to the start of the qualifiers, Epic announced that all of the vehicles in Fortnite would be receiving significant changes. The Baller was the first to take a hit, losing 100 health points in a hotfix update – taking it from 300 health to 200.


Yet, the vehicle stills remains an effective way to survive until the late game and scoop up high placements purely by waiting in the shadows. The Doc and plenty of other players find the vehicle frustrating because of how it disrupts the flow of games.

Will Epic make another change to the Baller?

As the two-time stated, fans tune in to watch players like Tfue run riot over games and dominate their opponents, but the Baller disrupts that and forces them to always be wary of what may be lurking behind them.

It remains to be seen if Epic decides to drop an additional update prior to the World Cup tournament but it seems unlikely – as they won’t want to make too many game-altering changes prior to their crowning esports event.