Classic Escape from Tarkov speed glitch returns worse than before

Daniel Cleary
Escape from tarkov character aiming with weapon

An old Escape from Tarkov movement speed glitch that allows players to walk faster has resurfaced after it was fixed by Battlestate Games in a recent update.

Escape from Tarkov’s raids requires players to make their way through a map of enemies, collecting loot, before they can make their grand escape to safety.

Some raids can prove to be challenging, as the character’s base walking speed is quite slow, however, a glitch was previously found to move around maps at a quicker pace.

Escape from tarkov character runs through container
A strange Escape from Tarkov has been found which can increase your character’s movement speed.

The strange bug, which was only recently patched, could be done due to a weird interaction when ‘shift-walking’ but it seems as if it has already returned to Escape from Tarkov – with a unique twist.

One EfT player u/metalnewspaper revealed that a new variation of this “fast movement” bug had been found, making your character go twice as fast as before.

However, unlike the initial glitch, this new movement bug is now only possible for players when running backwards.

“The fix for the fast movement while overweight has definitely worked moving forward but it has completely changed while moving backwards,” the player explained, “you can go almost double the speed as to what you’ were able to do before.”

While the glitch itself can be done similarly to the original and help you move much quicker, it is also much harder to take advantage of, as you can not see what lies ahead of you.

Although it is much more situational, it could still be abused by experienced players who are familiar with the maps or even in large open spaces.

As a similar glitch was only recently removed from the game, it is quite likely that Battlestate Games will also be looking to implement a patch for this unusual bug in a future update.