YouTuber hilariously reveals how he reached rank 8 in StarCraft 2

YouTube/Casually Explained

Casually Explained has a massive following on YouTube with over two million subscribers thanks to his comedic “explained” series done using Microsoft Paint. But did you know he used to be one of the best StarCraft players in North America?

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In his latest video titled, “Casually Explained: Casual Explainer, but Serious Gamer”, the YouTuber reveals he used to be really big into strategy games and why StarCraft 2 appealed to him.

“The big appeal to me, for a game like StarCraft 2 was that it was 1vs1,” he said. “So unlike a lot of popular games, you always knew that if you beat the opponent it was because of your own superior skill. And if you lost the only person to blame was the developers for designing the game incorrectly.” 

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Twitter/StarCraftStarCraft 2 is an RTS game.
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The video goes on with Casually Explained revealing that he used to study VODS of top players and watched analysis videos. He was that into it

For fans of StarCraft, there’s quite a few inside jokes or references that are sure to put a smile on your face. When explaining the three StarCraft races, Terran, Protoss and Zerg, casually said that he played Protoss because his previous hobby used to be rubix cubing.

As he played the game more, he improved immensely and eventually reached the grand master tier which was made up of the top 200 of each server.

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Then one day, NA’s top player HuK was streaming, Casually decided to queue up in an attempt to play him. But instead of being matched with Huk, he was placed against Bomber – one of the top Koreans in the world.

However, Bomber would leave the game. Not once, but twice because he wanted to match against HuK.

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Upon Casually’s third queue, he was matched against HuK and miraculously won, which resulted in him peaking at rank 8 on NA servers.

Thinking one more win would put him at number one, he queued once again and was matched against Bomber. Only this time, Bomber wouldn’t leave and crushed him. 

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“I left the game and said to myself, ‘damn. Not only did you beat HuK, you just beat Bomber 2-1. I guess you’re the best, dude.’ And then I quit the game.”

Now, years later, Casually is once again playing StarCraft and is doing a GM in 30 days series on Twitch. He is currently on day 74.