Wholesome YouTube dad goes viral for teaching basic life skills

Facebook: Dad, How Do I?

A YouTube account called “Dad, How do I,” in which an American dad offers advice on how to do things typically taught by someone’s father, has gone viral for his heartwarming content, becoming an overnight internet sensation.

It’s alleged that Rob Kenney, who runs the account, was left by his Dad at the age of 12, which serves as the inspiration for starting the account.

So far, ‘Dad, How Do I?’ has posted just 13 videos, but has managed to amass well over 1.2 million views since posting the first earlier in April 2020.

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At the time of writing, Kenney’s latest video – simply saying thank you to the many thousands who have shared their admiration or gratitude for his content – is #7 on YouTube’s Trending page, with his name alongside the likes of KSI and Harry Styles.

In the video, he explains that many of the things he teaches on his YouTube channel are simply things he had to figure out growing up, acknowledging that others are in similar positions and might appreciate the help that he wasn’t able to get. Clearly, he’s right.

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Thus far, the channel’s most-viewed video (not including the currently Trending one) is his second most recent one: “How to fix most running toilets.”

As with all his videos, this one does exactly what it says on the tin, and clearly has resonated with thousands of people across the globe, not just as an educational product but for what the channel itself represents.

YouTube: Dad, How Do I?
Kenneys heartwarming content has clearly touched the hearts of many.

Since his first upload on April 2, Kenney has amassed almost 900,000 subscribers at the time of writing, quickly closing in on the incredible 1 million milestone. He has been making local news in Chicago and his story is spreading like wildfire and, in truth, you can’t say he doesn’t deserve all the love and respect he’s earned off the back of his efforts.

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