Walmart customer divides viewers after demanding cashier bag her groceries

Walmart cashier working and bagging groceriesTIKTOK: kingkongzoe

A Walmart customer has left viewers divided on TikTok, after repeatedly asking her cashier to bag her groceries.

In a viral clip with 1.6 million views, a customer at Walmart asked the employee to bag her groceries, which included eggs, a bottle of dish soap, a bottle of barbecue sauce and boxes of cereal and noodles.

The Walmart cashier placed some of the items in a bag before returning to her register, which the customer was not happy about. “The stuff that you put down here needs to be in bags,” she said, gesturing to the rest of the groceries.

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While bagging the remaining items, the employee shoved a box of cereal into a bag. “You just damaged my cereal. I don’t even want it,” the upset customer told her.

After repeatedly stating that she didn’t want it anymore, the cashier quickly moved to take the box of cereal off her receipt. “You don’t want to be here today? Because that is not customer service, the way you’re acting,” the woman told the worker.

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She then asked the cashier to bag her eggs, and warned her to not break them. The Walmart employee complied and put the carton of eggs in the bottom of a bag, before handing her a receipt.

Many TikTok users in the comments defended the employee, and wondered if an argument had occurred before the customer started filming.

“The customer’s attitude is probably the reason the cashier had an attitude,” one user said. “She’s just having a bad day at work. I always help put my stuff in the bags,” another wrote. “I feel like there is more to this video,” a third shared.

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There were a few, however, that sided with the customer. “Oh hell no. I’d want a refund. Prices are too damn high to be treated like this,” one user commented. “Wow! I wouldn’t pay for anything I would have just walked away,” another added.

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