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Twitch streamer suffers kitchen nightmare after leaving butter on radiator

Published: 28/Nov/2019 16:48

by Matt Porter


Scottish streamer Toastie got a nasty surprise on Tuesday, November 26, when her Twitch chat waited just a little too long to remind warn her about a stick of butter she had left on the radiator, causing a nasty mess in her kitchen.

Cooking streams are one of the many types of content that fill Twitch’s IRL section, with viewers choosing to watch content creators put their culinary skills on show for audiences around the world.

Of course, the live nature of streaming online is the ideal scenario for things to go wrong, and Toastie found out how bad things can go wrong while baking empire biscuits.

Twitch: ToastieThe streamer was left stunned by her butter mistake.

Often when baking, the butter needed for the recipe can be too hard to mix, so a quick and simple solution is to just plop it on the radiator for a few moments to soften it up, and then you’re on the way to creating your delicious treats.

Unfortunately, forgetting that you put it there can be a major mistake, as Toastie found out, not realizing that it had been on the radiator for much longer than the “two seconds” she had intended.

It wasn’t until a viewer asked why it was sitting there that she realized what had happened, and when she went to grab it, a buttery liquid poured out of the foil wrapping, as she shouted “Oh God, oh f**k,” at the mess she had made.

Thankfully, the Twitch streamer took her error in good spirits, laughing with her chat as they told her that the butter “was definitely soft now,” before successfully going on to bake her empire biscuits.

She’ll definitely be more careful next time though, as an eagle-eyed member of chat may not always be around to remind her about the butter on the radiator.


Griffin reveals suspicions of Dixie D’Amelio & Noah during relationship

Published: 18/Nov/2020 16:15

by Alice Hearing


TikToker Griffin Johnson has said that he was suspicious of Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio’s budding romance while he was still in a relationship with her.

Griffin and Dixie dated earlier this year, but the relationship came under scrutiny in early July after TikToker Chase Hudson accused Johnson of cheating on Dixie with two other women.

Later on, Dixie revealed she had an alleged “48 screenshots” of proof that Griffin had cheated. Thereafter Griffin faced huge backlash for his behavior online including a ‘fake’ apology he posted to YouTube.

Since the debacle, rumors about Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck being romantically involved were heavily fuelled by the kiss they shared in the music video for Dixie’s song ‘Be Happy.’ The pair then confirmed they were dating in October.

Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck look into each others eyes at a table
Instagram: dixiedamelio
Noah and Dixie confirmed they were dating in October

This week Griffin was a guest on BFFs with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy. Since launching the podcast Dave has already built up a reputation for probing into TikTok drama and this week was no different as he challenged Griffin about Noah and Dixie.

It’s no secret how Griffin feels about the pair after he released a diss track on them in September, but he has only now revealed that he thinks something more was brewing while he and Dixie were still together.

He told Dave, “There was a lot of weird sh*t going on between them the entire time. It was weird dude, they had this best friends group and they were going on trips to Malibu, or whatever they would do at night, and I thought about it and I was like ‘this is weird’.”

@stoolpresidente@bffspod with @joshrichards @imgriffinjohnson premering at 9. He talks about what he thinks went on with @dixiedamelio and @noahbeck . Link in bio♬ original sound – Dave Portnoy

Dave responded, “I’m gonna give you very honest advice. If you’re dating a girl and she’s going on BFF trips to Malibu at night, your girl is f**king somebody else…unless Noah isn’t straight which he clearly is because they’re dating.”

On Tuesday, November 17 Griffin tweeted “Before this BFFs podcast comes out I would just like to say that I have nothing but love for everyone,” appearing to anticipate that any drama might ensue.

However, neither Dixie nor Noah have commented on the issue so far, leaving fans to wonder whether Griffin’s suspicions were justified.