Twitch streamer hides under bed after surprise visitors show up to his house

Rotweiler_, Twitch / Freepik

Thanks to the advent of live streaming, platforms like Twitch consistently deliver hilarious and unsexpected moments to viewers across the globe – one of which took place during an unexpected home viewing.

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Twitch streamer ‘Rotweiler_’ was in the middle of a Rocket League broadcast on May 31 when he was notified by a real estate agent that several potential buyers would be stopping by to view his mother’s home, which he is staying in during the summer break.

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However, the viewings took place at an entirely different time than was initially expected: Rotweiler claimed that his mother had told him the viewings would run at 10 AM, while his stream was interrupted by the agent nearly “six hours” later.

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“I’m assuming they don’t expect me to be here,” Rotweiler theorized. “…I just hope I can finish this game before they can come in. ‘Cause that’s going to be really awkward, when I have to stare at the screen and I can’t even be polite and look at them.”

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The streamer was initially at a loss as to what to do, after asking the realtor if it was alright to stay in his room during the viewing, but ultimately decided to hide underneath his bed to avoid potential interaction with the buyers – a decision that went wrong in the most hilarious way possible.

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Rotweiler left his stream running as he lifted up the bed and jumped beneath it, just before a mother and her two children entered the room to have a look around. Unfortunately, his plan didn’t go as expected; the bed was clearly moving as the streamer adjusted himself beneath it, claiming that he was “just looking for a cable.”

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The entire situation was incredibly awkward, with the streamer attempting to stifle his laughter after finally returning to sit at his desk once the family moved on to another room.

“I’m glad that’s gonna be there forever for everyone to see,” Rotweiler said of the debacle.

While Rotweiler’s on-stream mishap is one for the books, it would hardly be the first time such awkwardness has gone down during a live broadcast; in fact, streamer Jesse ‘shooK on3’ Latham fell victim to a scam, after tipping a scammer who was posing as a waitress.

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With Twitch providing a slew of hilarity as of late, there’s no telling what shenanigans will crop up on the platform, next.

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