Twitch streamer Crayator hit with surprise ban

An image of twitch streamer CrayatorTwitch: Crayator

Twitch and Fortnite streamer Crayator has been banned from the streaming platform, leading fans to speculate what led to this decision.

Nathan ‘Crayator’ Ryan is an Australian Twitch streamer, known mostly for streaming Fortnite on his channel. While Epic Games’ battle royale has afforded Crayator success in his career, the streamer was originally part YouTuber group Click until July 2, 2020.

Since ceasing content creation operations, Crayator has continued to forge ahead with Twitch streaming but has now found themselves banned from the streaming giant, with fans unsure of what actions caused the decision.

Fortnite streamer Crayator unexpectedly banned from Twitch

On August 22 Crayator made his Twitter followers aware of the surprising turn of events. Rather than simply relay his ban in a straightforward tweet, Crayator put together a parodic video based on the Japanese manga Death Note.

Captioned “my time has come”, the Fortnite streamer’s video shows a masked video donning a Twitch logo for a face, writing Crayator’s name into his version of the manga’s mysterious notepad.

Crayator was clearly unphased by Twitch’s decision, as they soon responded to their ban announcement video with a suggestion for fans to join his Discord server: “Omg want the reason we are banned?…Join Discord for drama.”

According to Twitch ban tracking account, StreamerBans, this marks the streamer’s first ban on the platform. A reason for his ban has yet to be discerned and fans are none the wiser too.

Fans of the streamer such as @SpencerW24 said: “Was anyone on stream who saw this happen?? WHAT HAPPENED????!???”

Some fans have alleged that Crayator showed footage of the Vietnam War, though these claims have yet to be confirmed. Twitter user @Mangoeeh said: “it was a Vietnam War clip I’m pretty sure, it’s his first time so I’m sure it’ll just be a 2-day vacation.”

As Twitch doesn’t comment publicly on ban reasons, it remains to be seen as to whether or not the streamer will reveal the actual reason for the suspension.