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Twitch Streamer Alinity Copyright Strikes More YouTube Videos of Her Following PewDiePie Incident

Published: 15/May/2018 13:15 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 15:06

by Calum Patterson


Popular Twitch streamer ‘Alinity’ recently attempted to copyright strike the most subscribed YouTuber, PewDiePie, after he used he called her a “thot”, and she hasn’t stopped there.

The video in question from PewDiePie remains live, so as far as we can tell her attempted strike was unsuccessful, but it turns out that it was not only PewDiePie’s video which Alinity targeted.


Shortly after the news spread of Alinity copyright strike witch hunt broke, numerous channels, a lot smaller than PewDiePie’s, received claims on their own videos – many of which simply reporting on the situation.

This was picked up by YouTube ‘news’ channel Scarce, who reported that a number of small channels had reported to him that claims were being made on their videos – manually by Alinity’s agency.


Scarce shows one such example, from a YouTube channel called ‘L of The Day’, which Alinity manually claimed, and as such is now receiving any ad revenue from.

As Scarce explains, for many small channels it is much harder to fight back against copyright claims of this kind, as YouTube will often not intervene given the large volume of strikes made daily.

It is unclear whether or not the copyright claims are justified, as fair use on YouTube does allow for satirical and reaction based commentary and critical discussion of other peoples content.


These videos simply report on the incident between Alinity and PewDiePie, therefore presumably would fall under fair use.

You can watch Scarce’s video explaining the copyright claims for a YouTuber’s perspective below, starting at around the 2:16 minute mark.


Is viral TikTok star Bella Poarch joining 100 Thieves?

Published: 8/Oct/2020 14:45

by Jacob Hale


Some fans believe that TikTok star Bella Poarch may soon be joining 100 Thieves thanks to some videos she has posted — but is it actually happening?

Bella Poarch is somewhat new to the light of TikTok fame, having created the most liked video on the platform in September, reaching over 30 million likes (and counting) bopping her head to Millie B’s ‘M to the B’.


The simplicity of the video, and satisfaction of the perfect timing, clearly made it a hit among fans and has likely helped Bella push to achieve more success in the online world: more, perhaps, than she would have imagined such a simple video could.

bella poarch plush
Instagram: bella.poarch
Poarch became a viral sensation in September, and it looks like it could pay off big time.

Now, just a few weeks after taking the crown, Poarch is being linked with esports and online entertainment organization 100 Thieves, thanks to several videos posted on TikTok.


On October 3, Bella was spotted livestreaming on TikTok from 100 Thieves’ Cash App Compound in Los Angeles, which first raised many questions from fans of both Bella and 100T.

100 Thieves Bella Poarch TikTok
TikTok: bellapoarch
Bella was streaming from the 100 Thieves Cash App Compound.

Then, on October 4, Poarch posted a video to TikTok wearing the cream 100 Thieves hoodie, which prompted even more rumors to start circulating, especially as she has shared her enjoyment of gaming on her various social media platforms over time.

The rumors started to pick up steam, and even Esports Talk’s Jake Lucky suggested that he thinks a signing would “make sense.”


Obviously, with 100T’s signing of Neekolul in July, the team isn’t content with just picking up the biggest names in gaming, they’re looking to gain notoriety in all corners of viral content, and Poarch would fit the bill perfectly in that regard.

Although there’s no real evidence to support this as of yet, it’s not outside the realms of possibility, so keep your eyes peeled.