Tinakitten pleads with fans to “respect boundaries” after Valkyrae cries on stream

Lauren Bergin
Tinakitten Valkyrae stream
Twitter: Tinakitten, Twitter: Valkyrae, Innersloth

During a somewhat now-infamous Among Us stream that ended with Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter in tears, fellow streamer Tinakitten has asked fans to “respect boundaries.”

After a recent series of Among Us games ended in Valkyrae breaking down after her chat took a harmless joke in a particularly vicious direction, the 100 Thieves star has made the decision to make her chat members-only until further notice.

During the game, Valkyrae loudly proclaimed that “Leslie’s life matters” in response to her teammate Leslie ‘fuslie’ Fu continually being the target of Imposter attacks. Sadly, this snowballed into some viewers in the chat ridiculing the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

While the content creator took a break to compose herself, teammate Tinakitten took the time to educate her stream on how best to deal with situations where we see our favorite streamers struggle live.

Tinakitten asks viewers to “not say anything”

Instagram: Tinakitten
Teammate Tinakitten was caught in the crossfire during the Among Us stream.

As soon as Rae showed signs of being upset, chatters immediately went to other creator’s streams in an attempt to spread the word.

While all of this was done with good intentions at heart, Tina sat down with her viewers to explain why this isn’t the best way to combat the situation.

“To be truly respectful, just don’t say anything,” she pleads. “It feels uncomfortable if you’re, like, spreading it to the friends and stuff.”

“To be honest, when I express what I consider too much emotion to be displayed publicly and I’m embarrassed, the last thing I want is for my community to make it bigger than it is, especially when I didn’t want it to happen in the first place.

“To just be respectful, send her support directly if you’d like to, but it’s really weird if you go to other streamers chats and talk about it, because it’s inappropriate. I know you guys have her best interest at heart, but you need to not gossip. Be sweet to her, but respect the boundaries of others.”

Tina clearly knows that Rae’s fans’ reactions to the situation were prompted by good intentions, but she makes an important point regarding boundaries online.

Valkyrae will now move forward with her chat exclusively in members-only, which should help calm tensions for the time being.