TikToker goes viral for motivational parkour stunts and you’ll never believe his age

tiktok parkour thomas fuchsTikTok: fantasthenics

TikToker Thomas Fuchs has gone viral for his incredible parkour stunts, shocking his viewers after revealing he’s a spry 54-year-olds.

Parkour was brought into the mainstream back in that one episode of The Office.

Since that monumental episode aired over ten years ago, the practice of parkour has become a worldwide phenomenon with people all across the globe attempting with various levels of success to get from point A to point B in the most fluid way possible.

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Now, one parkour content creator has gone viral for their impressive skills, all while being middle-aged.

Middle-aged TikToker’s parkour skills go viral

Thomas Fuchs is a 54-year-old TikToker and YouTuber in Berlin, Germany who goes by the name fantasthenics. Via his website, Fuchs claims to have fallen in love with parkour running in 2016 and now has gone viral dozens of times for his abilities.

Thomas is also a motivational coach and uses his viral videos to push inspiring and uplifting messages.

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From his bio on his website, Fuchs described his motivations: “I believe in the creative power inside every human being … that allows us to create the life we want. My life experience shows me that constantly re-inventing myself is what makes me happy.”

Thomas’ videos have gone seriously viral, with multiple of them reaching over one million views.

Fuchs’ moves are impressive for not just a 54-year-old man, but anybody looking to get into parkour. On top of that, it’s always great for content creators to promote healthy lifestyles with a positive message.

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With so much content going viral every day on TikTok, its uplifting parkour is certainly a genre that is not to see get some attention.

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