TikToker goes viral after being dumped by boyfriend over “inappropriate” Halloween costume

TikToker gets dumped by boyfriend over “inappropriate” Halloween costumeTIKTOK: piablossom_x

A TikToker went viral after revealing her boyfriend broke up with her after seeing her “inappropriate” Halloween costume.

Content creator Pia Blossom took to TikTok to share how her “dead Playboy bunny” Halloween costume led to a dating disaster.

In a viral video with over 116,000 views, the 25-year-old said she was out with friends when her then-boyfriend spotted her outfit in an Instagram photo, and called it “inappropriate.”

“My very new boyfriend was angling for an invite on this night out, but I was only going out with two girls,” she explained.

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“I ignored his hints because it would have just been weird, but when I posted [the costume] on my Instagram before going out, he texts me saying, ‘Are you actually wearing that outside? I can see your whole ass.'”

Pia posted a photo of the outfit, which showed her donning a low-cut leotard, tights, high heels and black bunny ears, along with a bowtie and fake blood.

“He basically told me he thought that it was inappropriate,” she recalled. “I was at my friend’s house ready to go at this point and he’s like, ‘Can you ask to borrow some leggings from her or something? And wear leggings instead of tights?'”

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Pia, however, refused to alter her costume, and headed out to a nightclub with her friends.

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Man dumps girlfriend over Halloween costume

In the club, she revealed that she met a man in a “giant egg costume” and decided to switch costumes with him for fun. She then posted her new outfit on Instagram thinking her boyfriend would love it, but instead, he repeatedly tried to call her and went “psycho.”

“He’s like, ‘Whose costume is that?!'” Pia recalled. “I said, ‘I don’t know, I thought you’d like it! You can’t see my boobs or my bum anymore – I’m an egg.'”

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The unidentified boyfriend also accused her of sleeping with a random stranger to be able to switch costumes, which she denied.

“I did not sleep with the man for the egg costume, it was a very even trade,” she clarified. “I hung up, turned my phone off, carried on with my night out with my friends and never saw him again.”

Following the heated phone conversation, the man went around saying he dumped Pia because she slept with someone else.

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“He then said we broke up because I slept with someone on a night out,” the shocked TikToker explained. “Because for some reason he had this narrative that I slept with someone for an egg costume.”

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