Streamer With Racist Username Banned After Smashing Keyboard Over His Head in Rage – Breaking it in Half

A Twitch streamer with a racist username on Street Fighter V smashed his keyboard over his head, breaking it in half, and has now been banned from the site.

The clip of the streamer, who went by “PrimeableHD” on Twitch, quickly circulated on Reddit, resulting in his ban, with his very racist in-game username clearly visible.

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Playing Street Fighter V, Primeable gets beaten in an online match, and cannot contain his anger as he yells expletives and eventually picks up his keyboard – snapping it in half with his forehead.

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The original clip, along with his channel, has been taken down from Twitch, but you can watch it below, with his Street Fighter username visible in the top right. 

Warning: Loud

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Primeable’s Twitter account has also been suspended, although it is unknown whether this is related to his Twitch suspension.

Twitch has been increasingly punitive towards hateful behavior and language on stream, so it is reasonable to expect that the cause of his ban was the username, rather than the contents of the clip itself.

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It is also possible that he has received a suspension for self-harm – by smashing the keyboard – but with such an offensive username, Twitch have surely taken action against it.

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Primeable also streams on YouTube however, and his channel is currently still available on the site.

In fact, he multi-streams, so his broadcast is available on both Twitch and YouTube simultaneously, and the video is still up on his channel – including the keyboard smash moment.

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You can watch the stream in full below, with the keyboard rage at the 1:33:25 minute mark. If YouTube is equally as strict against the username however, it may not be available much longer.

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