Star Wars fan devastated after dog ruins massive LEGO Star Destroyer

dog shatters LEGO star destroyerTikTok/polskihussar

A Star Wars fanatic is going viral after his dog completely obliterated his huge LEGO Star Destroyer while he tried to bring it downstairs.

A massive Star Wars collector and cosplayer is wishing he really had force powers after he tried to transport his Venator class Star Destroyer to another area of his house.

Sadly, it seems like he would have had an easier time successfully navigating an asteroid field than avoiding his rambunctious canine.

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In a viral video taking over TikTok, user ‘polskihussar’ was left heartbroken after his Star Destroyer shattered into hundreds of pieces, but some fans think it was all for views.

TikTok split after dog annihilates Star Wars LEGO Star Destroyer

In the clip that has been viewed over 19M times on TikTok, polskihussar was trying to move his massive LEGO build down some stairs when his dog came running down.

After nudging his leg a bit and scampering away, the TikToker lost control of the Clone Wars’ series craft, resulting in it hitting the floor and breaking apart in many little pieces.

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“This is why I always film myself moving my legos.. sad day. The puppy did not get hit, even though it’s his fault,” the user captioned the clip.

Although many fellow Star Wars and LEGO enthusiasts were flabbergasted by the ordeal, some believe the fall was done on purpose for content and viral TikTok views.

“I gasped then rewatched and realized it was a set up,” one commented.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you,” said another who didn’t believe the incident was real.

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Regardless of the legitimacy of the crash, the Star Wars TikToker remained in good spirits and was all smiles even though he’ll have to rebuild his epic creation from scratch yet again.

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