Shroud reacts to hitting 100,000 Twitch Subscribers

Apex Legends, a game in which he often receives a lot of viewers because of his insane mechanical skill and ability to pull off highlight moments – plus it’s the newest trend.

Towards the end of the stream, he counted down to the big milestone alongside friends, Just9n and iPolen. After finally reaching his goal of 100,000, he celebrated with his chat by getting everyone to ‘put their hands up’ with his ‘shroudHands’ emoji.

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Thanks to his consistency, skill and understated humor, shroud now stands at the top as the most subscribed channel on Twitch (according to numbers reported by streamers themselves) and has over twice as many subscribers as anyone else on the platform who make their numbers public, including the likes of TimTheTatman and Tfue.

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    After finding out she was recently diagnosed with cancer, shroud also donated a sum of $2,500 to help her reach her donation goal alongside the following donations from his fans which would all go to her cancer treatment bills.

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    As Shroud’s success continues to climb, fans are wondering if the former Cloud9 star will eventually catch Ninja as the most followed streamer on the platform – but he is still more than five million followers behind.

    It should be noted that Twitch does not publicly disclose official subscriber counts, so everything here is based on streamers’ own reporting of their sub count.