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Entertainment • Feb 12, 2019

Shane Dawson releases highly-anticipated second episode of Conspiracy Series on YouTube

Shane Dawson releases highly-anticipated second episode of Conspiracy Series on YouTube
Shane Dawson/YouTube

Shane Dawson has been tackling a wide variety of topics with his Conspiracy Series on YouTube, and the latest episode features some of the most intense conspiracies yet.

The popular YouTuber blazed through 2018 with a trio of well-received documentary series focused on controversial YouTubers Tana Mongeau, Jeffree Star, and Jake Paul.

For his newest series, titled Conspiracy Series, Dawson has gone outside the bounds of the platform to investigate various conspiracy theories and mysteries from around the internet.

While the first episode of the docuseries covered several different topics, the February 11 episode hones in on just three.

The bulk of the video features a deep dive into the life of Brittani Louise Taylor, a YouTuber who released a book detailing her struggles with domestic abuse in December 2018.

Throughout the lengthy interview with Taylor, Dawson uncovers the many secrets that Taylor’s relationship with the father of her son held and discovers the extent of abuse that she suffered over the last few years. 

In the 90-plus minute video, Dawson also takes a deep dive into a haunting conspiracy involving the popular restaurant chain Chucky E. Cheese along with an equally haunting voice mimicking computer software.

Given the fairly intense and intricate subjects that Dawson tackles in his latest video, the reasons behind his widely discussed speed bumps and struggles with putting out the episode become all the more clear.

On February 8, after some fans had begun to grow restless waiting for the episode, Dawson addressed fans on Twitter, explaining that “[the episode is] not a typical conspiracy’s a story about someone close to me who had their life ruined by someone for fame and money.”

Despite having teased multiple episodes to the series, fans will be disappointed to hear that Dawson made no mention of any more installments to Conspiracy Series in his latest video.

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