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Pokimane shares adorable explanation for what 'uwu' is

Published: 28/Jun/2019 17:52

by Meg Bethany Koepp


The term ‘uwu’ has become popular across the internet in the past few months, and Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane‘ Anys had the most adorable explanation for what it actually means.

‘uwu’ is a popular emote within the anime community, with many using it to express emotion instead of using an emoji. Its usage blew up across the internet in recent months, and quickly became a meme.

Despite its popularity booming, some people still don’t know what it means, and Pokimane decided to explain in the most adorable way after she used it in her recent Instagram story.

Instagram: pokimanelolThe Twitch star boasts 3.6 million followers on Instagram.

What is ‘uwu’?

Pokimane posted an Instagram story captioned ‘itz me uwu’, in which she zoomed in on a digital drawing of herself, saying “it’s meeeee!” excitedly. Her next story showed a picture of her with a group of friends, captioned ‘so much uwu in one pic. uwuwuwuwuwuwu.’ This apparently confused some fans as to what the term means, so the Twitch star decided to explain in yet another story.


“I feel like there’s gonna some people who don’t know what ‘uwu’ is, and I like to be inclusive of all people so I’m gonna explain,” she began.

(Mobile viewers, click here to watch the following clip on Streamja.)

She then went on to explain, saying, “so ‘uwu’ is just a little face, kinda like ‘u.u’ or ‘o.o’. The U’s are the eyes, and the W’s the mouth, and it signifies being happy.” 

The female streamer then ended with the most adorable smile, which is even cuter when you remember she used the emote to caption the photo of her with her friends. Too wholesome.


(Mobile viewers, click here to watch the following clip on Streamja.)

It’s not Pokimane’s only cute moment

The streaming star had another adorably wholesome moment recently, this time during a Twitch broadcast of popular game Teamfight Tactics. The game is similar to that of DoTA’s Auto Chess, and has been a huge hit since its debut earlier this month.

During her first ever stream of the game, Pokimane scored victorious and shared the most incredible reaction with her viewers. “Yes!” she screamed excitedly. “I’m winning! Oh my god! I’m sorry! All me,” she exclaimed, pointing to herself. 

(Mobile viewers, click here to watch the following clip on Streamja.)


Teamfight Tactics isn’t the easiest game in the world to learn, especially if you’ve never played League of Legends before, which is exactly why her reaction is so great. Never change, Poki.