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Pokimane reveals strangest thing about living with Michael Reeves

Published: 19/Feb/2020 14:44

by Jacob Hale


Popular YouTuber Michael Reeves was officially made a member of the content-creation collective OfflineTV in December 2019 and fellow member Pokimane has explained why living with him can be a bit of a strange experience.

Reeves found a fascinating niche in the YouTube space with his comedic engineering videos, bringing a bulk of personality to his wacky inventions and science experiments.

As such, he makes some interesting and unique content – but living with him and seeing it all come to life might be a bit disconcerting to those unfamiliar with the process and life of an inventor.

YouTube: Michael Reeves
Reeves has accrued over 3.5m subscribers on YouTube.

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While watching one of his videos, in which he is quickly going through some of his inventions, Pokimane feels compelled to explain what it’s like living with the eccentric content creator.


“Here’s the thing about living with Michael Reeves,” she begins. “Every time you walk into his room, it just looks like a torture chamber, and you can’t tell whether it’s a personal kink hobby or, like, ‘I’m working.’”

“Are you really [working]?” she asks, joking about the fact that maybe some of the stranger inventions might not be for work at all.

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She continues watching the video, and you can see why she compares his room to a torture chamber: he shows off a desk mat that electrocutes the user when you put your hand on it, inviting Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan to trial it – albeit, somewhat against his will.


Though it doesn’t appear to be that much of an issue for Poki, who clearly enjoys Reeves’ content, you could imagine how strange it must be walking into a housemate’s room not really knowing what to expect.

That said, the same could be said for a lot of content creators – though Michael’s may just be a little more unexpected.