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Entertainment • Jan 26, 2019

PewDiePie shares hilarious reaction to Twitch streamer Alinity showing a dick pic on stream

PewDiePie shares hilarious reaction to Twitch streamer Alinity showing a dick pic on stream
PewDiePie, YouTube / Alinity, Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer ‘Alinity Divine’ stirred up controversy after accidentally showing a dick pic during a live broadcast - and YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg had a hilarious reaction to the slip-up.


PewDiePie addressed the accidental wiener wielding during an episode of Pew News on January 25, expressing mock surprise that Alinity would be involved in yet another scandal.

He also noted that Alinity may have been playing his T-Series diss track, ‘Bitch Lasagna,’ in the background of the clip, and speculated that she could be part of his nine-year-old army - despite their previous beef.


“What is happening here?” Pewds asked incredulously. “Why is she playing the song of my people? Is Alinity secretly a nine-year-old?”

PewDiePie went on to call Alinity’s slip-up the “oopsie of the century,” sarcastically commenting that there would be “no recovery” for the streamer (likely a subtle jab toward her comebacks after a number of previous scandals).


PewDiePie is no stranger to Alinity, either; the two went back and forth in May of 2018, after the streamer struck Pewd’s eye-tracking video on grounds of copyright infringement due to Pewds jokingly calling female streamers “Twitch thots.”

“My intention is never to upset people with videos,” PewDiePie said of the scandal. “To me, ‘thot’ is such a memeable word that it doesn’t necessarily have any negative connotation with it.”


Alinity likewise circled the news after an email leaked during a previous stream that showed she had sold underwear to an unnamed individual. 

Alinity later admitted to the transaction and claimed that she would never make such a deal again.

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