KSI Describes How He Will Save Logan Paul’s Career During True Geordie Podcast

Ross Deason

KSI has explained why he thinks he will be saving Logan Paul’s career by beating the American in their fight on Saturday, August 25.

After months of insults, promotion and press conferences, the two YouTube stars are now just days away from stepping into the ring.

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In an interview with True Geordie on YouTube, a supremely confident KSI said that he is going to beat Logan Paul in the highly anticipated boxing match, but save the controversial character’s career in the process:

“After I beat Logan Paul, people are going to be like ‘ah I actually kinda feel bad for Logan, like he’s literally down in the dumps.’ And then at that point he’s gonna get a fan base who are die hard, like through and through, with him because of that,

“Essentially, that’s why I’m like saving his career because of it”.

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The Brit goes on to say that he thinks Logan Paul’s career has been in need of saving ever since his infamous video in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, which is often referred to as the “suicide forest”.

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Paul received a massive amount of backlash for the video, which showed a dead body and was seen by the majority of people as incredibly insensitive and an exploitation of suicide.

Paul has made a number of attempts to apologize for his actions and show that he is making changes but the suicide forest video and its implications continue to affect him on a daily basis.

KSI says “that will always be at the back of his prodigy, it will always just be there and he will never be able to reach the point that he wants to. I don’t think he’ll ever be able to reach the point he truly wanted to reach because of that video”.

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