IRL streamer almost runs child over with scooter

Knut, Twitch / Freepik

Thanks to the advent of IRL streaming, just about anyone can broadcast their daily lives for all to see – but sometimes, these broadcasts can capture shocking, hilarious, and unexpected moments as they unfold in real time.

Norwegian Twitch streamer and bodybuilder “Knut” captured one such unexpected moment during a September 14 broadcast, while streaming his travels about the town on a motorized scooter.

Knut is a popular streamer on the platform, boasting over 85k followers at the time of writing, known both for his humorous IRL antics and video game fails – but it wasn’t a video game that had viewers on the edges of their seats this time.

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knutspild, InstagramNorwegian Twitch streamer and bodybuilder “Knut” avoided a close call with a pedestrian.

The streamer was blazing through what seemed to be a shopping district on his scooter, weaving through a crowd of people with another broadcaster when a small child suddenly crossed his path.

In a nail-biting moment, Knut brought his scooter to a screeching halt, laughing in shock that he’d almost taken out the little girl before continuing his travels.

“Holy f*ck,” Knut exclaimed through laughter. “That thing coming for the kid? Ahh…”

The gravity of the situation did not escape Knut, who later commented that things could have gone South very quickly had he actually hit the youngster, predicting a viral post on sites like Live stream fails.

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“Imagine crashing with a child that size on stream,” he surmised. “Oh no, that would be bad. Live stream fails. I clipped it.”

Although Knut was merely using a scooter, Twitch has cracked down on streaming and driving in the past, with streamers like duo “BriandKatie” getting banned from the site for broadcasting themselves driving with one knee and using both hands to eat a pint of ice cream.


That’s not all: another streamer was similarly suspended from the platform after nearly running over pedestrians on two separate occasions, all within a short span of thirty seconds.

However, it looks like scooter-ing and streaming is a relatively grey area for the site, for now – and thanks to Knut’s quick reflexes, an unfortunate accident was narrowly avoided.

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