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FaZe Banks surprised by reaction to his incredible makeover by James Charles

Published: 4/Mar/2019 23:05 Updated: 4/Mar/2019 23:47

by Alan Bernal


Popular YouTuber Ricky Banks followed up his big return to content creation on March 3 with an incredibly clean makeover courtesy from artist and fellow creator James Charles.

The Faze Clan YouTuber recently returned to video blogging after a six-month hiatus from making content, and he’s already provided a dashing new look for the next chapter in his career.


After going through a few new ideas for future videos, Banks looked up Charles’ YouTube channel and the two worked on Banks’ new fierce image which got incredible praise from numerous people.

Banks’ full makeover result left him looking real appealing to many he talked to.

Even though Banks was unsure if the style suited him at first, the immediate reactions he got from a few Chipotle customers slowly reassured him of his redone face.


Then the real compliments came after visiting fellow YouTuber Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le who was at first surprised by the look but came around to it.

(Timestamp at 4:43 for mobile viewers)

“You look — What? Fool you look cute,” RiceGum said. “Like if I saw you randomly I’d [do a double take].”


After visiting Rice, Banks’ quickly came around to the facelift saying: “I’m fuckin kinda hot, dude.” Moments after he also left creator ‘TeaWap’ speechless from his daring new look.

Then came the big reveal to his girlfriend Alissa Violet, which again left the popular YouTuber incredibly shocked at how well the makeover went.

“You’re so pretty. Oh my god, you’re prettier than me now,” Alissa said.


Although it doesn’t look like Banks will be making a habit of getting his face done for every video, everyone’s hilarious reaction to the makeover might make the YouTuber think about doing it again some time.


Will Boogie2988 & Tana Mongeau go to jail? | Influenced podcast

Published: 9/Oct/2020 13:18

by Jacob Hale


In the latest episode of the Influenced podcast, Mike Kent and Richard Lewis discuss two popular YouTubers who might be facing jail time for completely different reasons: Steven ‘Boogie2988’ Williams and Tana Mongeau.

On September 28, footage started to circulate of Boogie in a standoff with fellow content creator Frank Hassle, even firing a gun during the heated exchange to serve as a warning to Hassle, and has since handed the footage over to the Fayetteville Police Department who are running an investigation.


Tana’s legal issues, however, fall under a slightly different banner, as she promised fans a special kind of exclusive reward if they provide her proof that they’ve voted for Joe Biden in the upcoming U.S. election, which some people are claiming is straight-up electoral fraud.

On a lighter note, Mike and Richard also discuss viral TikToker Doggface and the now-famous video that sees him skating around, listening to Fleetwood Mac and drinking cranberry juice. What a treat.


Make sure to watch and/or listen to the full second episode of Influenced above, and keep up with all episodes on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts!