Dr Disrespect roasts “depressed” Twitter users with anime profile pictures

Dr Disrespect calls out twitter users who use anime pfpsYouTube: Dr Disrespect / Kadokawa Shoten / GAINAX

Streaming star Dr Disrespect had some harsh words for “depressed” trolls who use anime profile pictures on Twitter.

Dr Disrespect is known for having the occasional hot take or two. After all, he’s the two-time Blockbuster video games champ, and he’s not scared to call out people as he sees fit — be it in-game or on social media.

The Doc’s latest callout takes aim at Twitter users who use anime characters as their profile picture instead of showing their real face (or at least using a photo of a pet).

This phenomenon has come up in conversations for some time now, as it’s widely known that some social media trolls prefer to hide their face while making mean comments about others online.

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Dr Disrespect takes aim at Twitter users with anime profile pics

It’s a well-known meme on social platforms these days — and the Doc weighed in on the subject in a Tweet on January 17, calling out trolls who use anime profile pictures to spew negativity on the app.

“There’s too many depressed people with anime pictures that live and breathe on the internet,” he wrote.

As a prominent online figure boasting millions of followers across multiple platforms, it makes sense that the Doc has probably received his fair share of rude comments from anime avatars… and it looks like his post has caught the attention of some other influencers, too.

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Twitch star Jake’n’Bake called the Doc’s take, “Based,” while Boston Breach CoD creator TDAWG said, “Can I get an amen?”

Of course, there was some good-natured trolling from fans in the comments, as well:

This is far from the first time the Doc has taken aim at people who rub him the wrong way.

Recently, he was playing Modern Warfare 2 when he kicked a “chubby-cheeked wannabe” viewer out of his stream for taking issue with his complaints about the game.