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Dr Disrespect highlights frustrating audio problem in Apex Legends

Published: 1/Mar/2019 14:40 Updated: 1/Mar/2019 15:01

by David Purcell


Apex Legends in the past, but he’s found an unbelievable issue that could be frustrating players across Kings Canyon. 

The popular Twitch streamer, who is set to host the second Code Red tournament of Respawn Entertainment’s game on March 1, had to check if his headset was faulty after being eliminated on the popular battle royale title. 

After reassuring his viewers that it was in perfect condition, he seemed to highlight what might be a key issue with audio in Apex Legends. 

Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends has attracted over 25 million players since its February 4 launch.

The Doc paused for a moment inside a building as he could hear gunfire outside, deciding to quickly pull out his Shield Battery to prepare himself for a possible encounter. 


However, little did he know that an enemy had entered the room and quickly dispatched of him, because he couldn’t hear any footsteps whatsoever.

Clearly outraged by the lack of sound, Dr Disrespect said: “I gave this free-to-play game a compliment about their audio,” referring to his comments from the past. “This dude is gliding, running, saying ‘hi tippy toe buff butt runner here’ and nobody can hear him! Nobody!”

Whether or not Respawn is aware of the audio problem is unknown at this time, but The Doc has shown just how devastating it can be to not have clear audio in tight situations.