DoorDash driver texts customer “it’s part of life” after delivering to wrong address

Molly Byrne
delivery driver dropped off order to the wrong housePexels

A DoorDash customer was left empty-handed when her driver delivered her order to the wrong address, later texting her to get over it and walk to find it herself.

When ordering food for delivery, there’s always a 50/50 chance that the order doesn’t get delivered to the right address.

For one DoorDash customer named Hannah, she ran into this exact problem, as she anticipated opening her door to see her delivery… but only saw an empty doorstep.

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Hannah’s delivery mishap didn’t stop there, as her Dasher proceeded to text her something that shocked her and the internet at large.

A Dasher insisted he didn't steal Hannah's food and urged her to walk and look for it herself.Unsplash: griffin wooldridge
A Dasher insisted he didn’t steal Hannah’s food and urged her to walk and look for it herself.

TikTokers thought the Dasher was “gaslighting” Hannah in their text conversation

After not receiving her delivery order, Hannah texted her Dasher to check in to see what was up. She initially messaged the delivery driver saying, “I did not receive my food.”

The Dasher then texted Hannah to assure her that her order was there, saying, “Check the door in front of you… It’s there I promise.”

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delivery driver dropped order off at wrong addressTikTok: hannahhollyla

The driver then said that they made a mistake, asking Hannah to walk next door to retrieve her order, saying, “It’s not a big deal, mistakes happen. Just go walk and you will see it.”

Hannah continued their conversation, texting the Dasher more details about the correct address that the food should have been delivered to. After insisting that it was delivered to the proper home, the driver then texted Hannah saying, “I really don’t know why this happened to you… I wish I could help.”

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They then gave Hannah a pick-me-up gesture, saying, “Life isn’t 100%… Some days aren’t for you. It’s part of life. Again, I’m sorry.”

delivery driver dropped order off at wrong addressTikTok: hannahhollyla

Viewers of Hannah’s viral TikTok took to her comments to point out that the Dasher was “gaslighting” her, saying, “Not him gaslighting you!”

Others shared their similar experiences, saying, “Had this exact conversation with a shipping company the other day. I told them the picture wasn’t my house and they pretty much said, ‘Well go look for it.’”

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As well as, “I literally had one yell at me claiming that my apartment didn’t exist and then said I had the wrong number as the address, even when I didn’t.”

Other viewers thought the situation was rather comical, as they quoted what the Dasher had texted Hannah, adding additional commentary to display that they thought it was funny.

Though Hannah never received her delivery order from her Dasher, she didn’t take it too personally, taking to her comments section to say, “I can’t be mad, he was so funny!”

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