IRL streamer threatens to fight stranger who bit him

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer True_Schu went ballistic at a random stranger who decided to cuddle up next to him, before bizarrely biting the streamer on the shoulder.


When it comes to IRL [in-real life] streaming, streamers will usually be more concerned about their fans stream sniping them in public or having spotty connection speeds that diminish their broadcasts.

However, one streamer - Noble Esports’ True_Schu - was left concerned by the state of a bite mark on his shoulder when a stranger outrageously decided to take a nibble on him in front of thousands of viewers. 


Twitter: True_Schu
Twitter: True_Schu
True_Schu can regularly be found streaming his IRL antics.

During his September 26 stream, True_Schu had been chatting to viewers while attending a bar at TwitchCon when an unknown man sat down next to him and started talking too. While the streamer didn’t seem too bothered at first, he completely flipped out when he was bizarrely bitten a few moments later. 

“Ow, stop, no, I’m going to fucking knock you out dude,” he screamed, pushing the man away from him and immediately sitting up straight. “Get away from me, I’ll knock you out right now,” he continued - prompting the stranger to tease leaving, before sitting back down.


The furious streamer continued on, stating: "Get the fuck away from me right now. No, literally, get the fuck away from me. Go over there - get the fuck away from me dude.”

As the stranger didn’t want to abide by True_Schu’s request, he continued on by telling him to move on before they finally got up and left. “Get away - I don’t care dude, get the fuck away from me dude. Get away, thank you.” 


While annoyed at what had unfolded, the streamer was able to carry on with his stream - continuing to chat with fans while enjoying the pre-TwitchCon party. 

It remains to be seen if he will address it any further in his later streams or on Twitter because, as of writing, he is yet to do so.