Chick-Fil-A manager calls police on customers asking for more sauce

Chick-Fil-A manager calls cops on couple asking for more sauceTikTok: adelelaresee

A couple is going viral on TikTok after claiming that a Chick-Fil-A manager called law enforcement on them when they asked for more sauce.

The customer service side of TikTok continues to expand with wild stories from customers exposing popular businesses with stories explaining their own bad experiences.

Another saga has just been added to the social platform’s annals of customer service woes after a young couple recorded a manager at their local Chick-Fil-A purportedly calling the cops on them.

A video recording of the encounter shows the alleged manager presumably speaking to law enforcement on the phone, saying the TikTokers were “causing a large scene and won’t leave.”

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However, according to the couple, they didn’t behave badly at all. Instead, the TikTokers say they were merely asking for more sauce packets for their large order.

“We had a full order,” they said in a follow-up video explaining what happened before their recording. “We had two spicy chicken deluxe sandwiches, two macaroni and cheeses, we had a waffle fry, she had a salad, we had a thirty-piece nugget. A lot of food.”

“He told us we would only get five sauces for the 30-count nuggets and that would be all,” they continued. “That’s the policy. That’s when we proceeded to ask for more sauce and he let us know that he was going to be enforcing this policy… with us, and we could not have any more sauce.”

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The TikTokers then claimed that the manager “put his hand in my food and grabbed it, and told me I’m gonna get a refund.”

After that, the TikTokers say the manager proceeded to call the police on them, which they recorded in their video. The couple also claimed they had been “trespassed” and banned from the location.

Chick-Fil-A manager apologizes after calling cops on TikTokers asking for more sauce

However, the duo has since published another video, where they claim the manager apologized to them and said they are not banned from the establishment.

According to the couple, the manager offered them a refund on their order that prompted his call to police, on top of a free meal with their children. On top of that, the manager had also allegedly received special coaching, but the TikTokers aren’t “confident [he] won’t treat somebody like that” moving forward.

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This is just the latest fast food debacle to take over TikTok after a Domino’s pizza delivery driver went viral after demanding a tip from a customer.