Asmongold explains why he’s “not surprised” Baldur’s Gate 3 is more popular than Starfield

Asmongold Baldur's Gate 3Larian Studios

Asmongold explained on his stream why he isn’t surprised at Baldur’s Gate 3’s numbers compared to Starfield as the two titles battle for players post-release.

Despite being released about a month apart, Baludur’s Gate 3 and Starfield have gone head-to-head in terms of player count and popularity recently. Both RPGs have struck a chord with the gaming community and are being played by some of the top creators on Twitch.

Even though Starfield has not been praised as highly as Baldur’s Gate 3 critically, or by fans, it still is at the top of the download and active player charts on Steam.

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However, one game reigns supreme over the other and streamer Asmongold said he isn’t surprised by what the numbers show.

While looking over the Steam sale numbers for both games on stream, Asmongold pointed out to his viewers the discrepancy between the two games as BG3 was ranked No. 3 and Starfield as No. 4.

Baldur’s Gate 3 peaked that day with 396,702 active players while Starfield lagged behind with a little under 250,000.

“I’m not surprised, I’m really not,” he said. “I think you’re probably going to see more of that because once the game gets more popular then more people are going to hear about it and then they are going to f***ing play it.”

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The comparison between games isn’t actually all that fair, however, as Starfield is available on Xbox Game Pass so the numbers are slightly off when looking at it from Steam’s perspective.

BG3 could have made its way to the Xbox subscription service, but the developers decided it wasn’t worth the risk.

Either way, Asmongold and the rest of the gaming community have put their stock into Baldur’s Gate 3 being the better game so far into their respective life cycles.

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