Addison Rae clarifies ‘2 Die 4’ lyrics after TikTok gets them seriously wrong

Addison Rae posing for an Instagram photoInstagram, Addison Rae

Addison Rae’s latest pop song ‘2 Die 4’ has confused a lot of her fans with the lyrics – prompting a response from the TikTok star.

The two-minute bop features a catchy chorus, in which some of the words were apparently not very clear to listeners.

Some videos have gone viral on social media, with some users convinced she’s said something pretty spicy in the song.

On July 13, Rae finally cleared any confusion regarding the track, sharing a tweet to her 4.9 million followers. She said the official lyrics are actually “boom boom bass, 2 die 4.”

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Addison Rae fans mishear ‘2 Die 4’ lyrics in viral TikToks

Prior to this revelation, several fans were singing the song wrong on TikTok, some coming up with lyrics they claim to have heard. Take a look at these:

TikTok user christyskindacool misheard “this boom boom bass to die for” as “this pum pum bass, to die for”.

In case you didn’t know, “pum pum” is slang for female genitals. While the song is a little raunchy, these words are definitely not mentioned. That hasn’t stopped this type of clip going viral, though.

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TikTok star EHIZ, who has over 12 million followers, also reacted to the part that many have misheard.

The actor is seen vibing with the song, before losing it when the line “this boom boom bass, to die for” is sung. The video has over 300,000 likes, at the time of writing.

Another TikTok user, by the name of iced.kiki, was looking less than amused during the line that caused confusion. Her facial expressions mirror many people’s reactions when they first heard the song.

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Luckily, we now know the official lyrics, and everyone can enjoy the pop bop that is 2 Die 4!

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