Who was N0tail before his Dota TI success with OG?

N0tail has become one of DoTA 2’s most iconic players. Struggling through adversity, he rose above everything life threw at him to conquer The International with Origen in both 2018 and 2019. Let’s look at how he got there.
N0tail wasn’t always the DoTA 2 superstar that he is today. His journey began in Heroes of Newerth, the spiritual predecessor to what is now DoTA 2. Meeting his then partner-in-crime Fly in an online match, the two players were picked up by Fnatic. As Heroes died, Fnatic transferred to DoTA 2, and the rest is history.
N0tail continued to make a name for himself in DoTA 2, but things quickly got rocky. After showing a particularly average performance at Team Secret, n0tail moved on to play for Cloud9, but a disastrous run left the 27-year-old and Fly without a team.
Reforging an Origen supposedly primed for international success in 2017, the team continued to underperform, leading to a roster swap that changed the face of Origen: Fly left.
After an interview where Fly roasted his former team lineup, it was obvious that n0tail was looking for blood: specifically Evil Geniuses’, Fly’s new team. As they tore through the International, things hit their climax in The International’s final 6, where OG demolished EG 2-1.
After the match, n0tail and Fly exchanged a tense handshake, proving that n0tail had bested his demons. This has been further proven by his unstoppable performances throughout 2019 and 2020. The Dane’s future is certainly exciting, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.