Diablo 4’s New York marketing becomes a little too real as sky turns red

Liam Ho
Lilith in Diablo 4

Diablo 4’s Welcome to Hell marketing campaign for New York City became a bit too real when the sky turned a ghastly red on June 7.

Blizzard’s ARPG Diablo 4 has been released to all players after a few days of early access. The newest installment into the franchise has been quite a success, with plenty of streamers creating content around the game, and plenty of critics giving high praise to the title. Unlike its predecessors, Diablo 4 will be the first live-service game from launch, hosting a seasonal system that will encourage players to return after completing the main game.

Blizzard has not been light on the marketing front for the game either, with advertising campaigns being pushed all over the world, inviting individuals to Sanctuary. Even Megan Fox was brought in by the developers, creating a campaign to have players send in their worst deaths, just so she could read a eulogy for them.

However, the most effective advertising seems to have come in the form of a billboard in none other than the Big Apple. New York was treated to its very own Diablo 4 billboard, complete with the Mother herself Lilith. Lilith’s influence seemed to have transcended the poster, however, as the sky in New York became a dark hazy red on June 7.

Diablo 4’s New York billboard goes viral with red sky

“Welcome to hell, New York.” The poster states, rather ominously now given the scene around it.

Obviously, Blizzard did not go out of their way to turn the sky red in New York, this red sky was actually caused by wildfires that took place in Canada. However, this didn’t stop Twitter users from finding a level of comedy in this coincidence.

Many users jokingly complimented Blizzard for their commitment to their marketing plan after seeing the lengths the company would go to show off the game.

“Damn Blizzard going hard on marketing” a Twitter user joked.

“This next level promo” another commented.

Though not originally planned, this viral marketing campaign has proven to be nothing but a success for Blizzard and Diablo 4’s release.

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