Bungie is developing a competitive Destiny spin-off game

Brianna Reeves
destiny competitive game possibly in developmentBungie

A recently posted job listing suggests Bungie is working on a new game in the Destiny universe that will feature competitive elements.

The crew at Bungie has multiple projects in development, one of which reportedly includes a mobile first-person shooter.

Sources told The Game Post that Diablo Immortal developer NetEase is co-producing the mobile title, an experience that will allegedly constitute a Destiny spin-off of some kind.

Neither Bungie nor NetEase has corroborated these claims at the time of writing. And rumors about another Destiny-branded adventure are already making the rounds.

A new Destiny game could feature competitive components

destiny competitive game rumorBungie
Bungie’s looking to hire someone with a “love of competitive games.”

The Game Post spotted an advertisement on the Greenhouse job board that shows Bungie’s currently hiring for a Senior Concept Artist.

Whoever joins the team can expect to work alongside a “fun, dedicated, and passionate cross-discipline team devoted to bringing a new game to life!”

Destiny receives a mention further down in the listing since the studio is on the market for an artist who can help “continually push [the] aesthetics of the Destiny universe.”

In terms of “nice-to-have skills,” the ideal candidate will possess an “experience with and love of competitive games.”

Taking all of the above into consideration, reason suggests Bungie has a competitive Destiny game in the works. Or, at the very least, the unannounced experience boasts some form of competitive features.

These details surface several months after a Creative Director job posting at Bungie hinted at the company developing a “third-person action game.”

Following this year’s rollout of The Witch Queen expansion, Destiny 2 players patiently await news about the next major DLC release – Lightfall.

Given The Witch Queen’s delay to early 2022, it is possible that Lightfall will not hit digital stores until sometime in 2023.