Bungie praised by Destiny 2 fans for children’s hospital charity donation

Destiny 2 Bungie FoundationBungie Foundation

Bungie has been praised by the Destiny 2 community for their charitable efforts after a player discovered the effects of the charity at a children’s hospital.

Destiny 2’s developer Bungie has often been praised by the player base for their efforts surrounding the game. Whether it be saving lost characters, promptly responding to player feedback, or even immortalizing some of the community’s favorite people. Bungie is quite liked within the Destiny 2 community.

Another new facet of Bungie’s positivity has come in the form of their charity the Bungie Foundation. This charity runs an annual fund-raising campaign called Game2Give, which sees Bungie give to those in need. Bungie grants players the opportunity to help donate to their cause, giving them exclusive items both in and out of the game for their thanks.

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These can be in the form of emblems, ghost shells, and even a Sparrow in-game, with out-of-game posters and jerseys available for those willing to donate larger sums.

Destiny 2 player shares positive experience with the Bungie Foundation

Recently a player’s post on the Destiny 2 subreddit went viral after he shared his experience with Game2Give in a children’s hospital.

Reddit user Blope-180 shared his experience about his visit to the children’s hospital, where he was surprised and delighted to see the Bungie Foundation’s hard work. Blope had taken their daughter in for a surgical procedure, in the midst of their worry about the diagnosis, they didn’t notice the tablet given to their daughter.

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Blope was pleased to see that the Bungie Foundation logo was on the back of the tablet. They spoke about how delighted they were to see that a charity foundation from a game they played was making an active difference in the lives of many.

The Destiny 2 player stated that they’ve sadly never been able to donate to the charity, but said that “ be first in line to donate for this years charity event.”

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The community was also sure to express their amazement, whilst also so being concerned about Blope’s daughter. Fortunately, they were able to update their post and explain that she had made it out of the surgery safely, and also made sure to thank them for their incredible support.

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