Why Vitality Need More than ZyWoo To Be The Best CSGO Team

. 2 years ago
ZyWoo Needs Help

Vitality’s CS:GO roster features arguably the best player in the world in Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut – one of the most exceptional prodigy talents the game has ever seen. But, even he may not be enough to carry the team to greatness alone.

Vitality shot up to the world ranking to number two in 2019 as they latched on for a ride with ZyWoo’s own ascent. But for the first half of 2020, the team fell into decline, unable to maintain their lofty placements any time ZyWoo wasn’t dominating the game.

However the question still stands, can Team Vitality produce when their AWPer isn’t playing his best? He is often referred to as a ‘tool’ for the team, but in the past, we have seen that the team falls apart at the hinges when he isn’t going supernova.

In this video, we analyze the footage and look into whether Vitality has what it takes to be a bonafide elite team or if they’re too reliant on their superstar to maintain consistency at the top.

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