NBK reveals why he’s leaving the French CSGO scene to play international

Scott Robertson

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Nathan ‘NBK’ Schmitt, wildcard of the #OMENChallenge and current CSGO free agent, spoke to Frankie Ward and Dexerto in London about the unique competition and his future plans.

For ten years, the Natural Born Killer has operated solely in the French CSGO scene. Since the inception of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, NBK has played for every prominent French team that has entered the scene: Titan, LDLC, VeryGames, EnVyUs (before they became Team Envy), G2 Esports, and lastly Vitality.

But after an extensive run in the French scene that netted him two major titles, the 25 year old is moving on to international waters, and is very excited by the prospect, as he told Frankie and Dexerto.

“I’ve been in the French scene for 10 years..dealing with all of that. I’m going international, I want to try something new.”

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NBK was part of the original Vitality lineup that was announced when the organization formed in 2018. He is the first player of theirs to move on, after he was benched at the conclusion of the StarLadder Berlin major.

NBK did not respond positively to the roster change. He hinted on his Discord channel that there was friction between him and certain players. He promised he would “beat the French teams” no matter where he goes next. And on his Twitter biography, it reads “Benchwarmer for @TeamVitality (get me out I wanna play).”

NBK revealed that he’s had his eyes set on an international move in the past, but remained in the French scene:

“I was ready to go international last year before Vitality happened, and now I’m very excited to go in that direction and make something happen.”

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NBK during an interview at DreamHack
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NBK was unable to offer any breaking news or updates on either who his new teammates could be or what organization he’ll play under, but did mention that he has “good plans.”

NBK’s next move comes during a highly anticipated post-major roster shuffle. Not only are highly valued free agents like coldzera and aleksib available, but teams like Dignitas, 100 Thieves, and compLexity are looking to go all in with brand new rosters.