NAVI’s biggest flaw exposed again | Richard Lewis reacts at IEM Katowice

Gambit s1mple CSGO

Despite a resurgence for the CIS region, Natus Vincere missed their opportunity to capitalize at IEM Katowice 2021.

Losing to their opposition, Gambit Esports, in a match-up that left many fans questioning if s1mple & co. will ever live up to their potential, Richard Lewis​ breaks down the team’s biggest flaw: a lack of tactics. While he believes many will see this as a huge shock, he thinks that it’s obvious CIS has had a lack in player talent for about two years.

With new, younger talent coming into the scene, teams are able to plug the holes in what was lacking within their plays. Teams like, Team Spirit, and Gambit are all stepping up to the mark.

Evidently, this is the case, as Gambit shone, and Lewis thinks they will continue to carry on proving themselves.

Ultimately, though, Na’Vi fell flat. For Richard, a revisit to the tactical drawing board is very much overdue, with so much top-tier talent on the team going to waste.

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