Mixwell Gives More Details on His Future Potentially Joining Former OpTic Teammates on Cloud9

Former G2 player Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas has commented on the speculation that he could be joining up with his former OpTic Gaming teammates on Cloud9, saying he is available as a stand in.

Mixwell previously teamed with Will “RUSH” Weirzba and Tarik “tarik” Celic for over a year under OpTic Gaming, winning the ELEAGUE Season 2 together in 2016.

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But after Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz left, the roster effectively fell apart, with RUSH and tarik leaving to join Cloud9 shortly after.

Despite being homesick, Mixwell remained with OpTic in the US for a time, before eventually returning home to Spain.

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After deciding that the new roster, an all European mix featuring the likes of Emil “Magisk” Reif and Adam “friberg” Friberg, was not going to work out, Mixwell left OpTic after almost two years with the organization.

He has since played with French side G2 Esports, but the team had very limited success, leading to Mixwell’s departure as G2 decided on their plan B.

Mixwell has been effectively team-less in the interim, but was recently linked with a move to Cloud9, who are in search of a permanent fifth player.

There was no official word from Cloud9 or the players on the rumors, but Mixwell has now spoken on the potential of the reunion.

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He also reaffirmed that if Cloud9 called upon him for a temporary spot on the team, he would step up, ‘if they need him’.

Cloud9 player RUSH previously stated that the team are set on finding a permanent addition to the roster, rather than just another stand in. He also mentioned that they had a number of players, both based in North America and outside, in mind.

However, although Mixwell is seemingly playing down the possibility of permanently joining C9, both he and the organization may be left with little choice considering the number of vital tournaments and qualifiers fast approaching in the rest of 2018.

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Mixwell’s desire to stay in Europe rather than move back to North America sounds like it remains a major hurdle for him and any potential NA suitors to overcome.