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KioShiMa cites ‘player power’ in first statement since Cloud9 release

Published: 1/Apr/2019 14:55 Updated: 1/Apr/2019 15:23

by Matt Porter


Fabien ‘kioShiMa’ Fiey has spoken out after his release from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad, implying that the organization were not the driving force behind his shock departure, but rather “player power” was a deciding factor.

The Frenchman was part of Cloud9’s roster for just six months, joining the American organization as a stand in for the BLAST Pro Series event in Copenhagen back in November.

KioShiMa attended six LAN tournaments with Cloud9, reaching the final at the ELEAGUE Invitational and third at BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon, but his run with the organization is now finished.

ESLKioShiMa spent six months on Cloud9 CS:GO.

What did Cloud9 and kioShiMa say about his release?

In a statement on the Cloud9 website, kioShiMa stated that he appreciated “Cloud9 giving me the opportunity to play professional CS:GO again,” while Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne said the organization was “grateful to have had kioShiMa with the team during this time. “

On Twitter though, the Frenchman appeared to place the decision on his teammates rather than the organization, writing: “For people wondering, the org doesn’t always agree with the players choices. It’s a tough position to be in when the players have too much power. This isn’t to cause any drama. It’s hard to blame one party when you don’t know which one is taking decisions.”

KioShiMa stated that he was revealing who made the decision as he sees a lot of frustration aimed at organizations and players, when it’s often unclear as to who made the choice as “every [organization] has different ways of managing their teams.”

What is the reaction to kioShiMa’s Cloud9 exit?

Many have expressed their surprise in the aftermath of the announcement. Caster Chad ‘SPUNJ’ Burchill was one of the first to share his feelings about the move, revealing his shock by saying: “Hard to have forecasted kioShiMa no longer being a part of Cloud9.”

Cloud 9 fans were unhappy with the announcement, replying to the official announcement with hopes that it was an early April Fool’s joke, while others stated that they believed the change would end their hopes of qualifying for the StarLadder Major in August.

Some CS:GO fans on Twitter went as far as stating that the decision was one of the worst made by any organization, with questions regarding the regularity of Cloud9 roster moves also raised by Twitter users.

What’s next for Cloud9?

Cloud9 are already reported to be in talks with René “cajunb” Borg, who was recently removed from OpTic Gaming’s lineup amid a number of roster changes by the organization. It’s believed that cajunb will be part of the team that represents Cloud9 at BLAST Pro Series: Miami, although there has been no official word from the organization. 

As things stand, Cloud9 no longer have the majority of the lineup that competed at the IEM Katowice Major, meaning it’s likely that they will have to qualify for the Berlin major through the continental minor tournaments in the run-up to the event.


Mouz & FURIA win BLAST Premier Fall Showdown: final placements & results

Published: 29/Nov/2020 22:10 Updated: 29/Nov/2020 22:15

by Marco Rizzo


The BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020 has all wrapped up as Mousesports and FURIA claimed the final qualification spots for the main event at BLAST Premier Fall Finals.

The event hosted sixteen teams from around the world, including invited and qualified squads alongside the teams that failed to reach top-two in their groups at the BLAST Premier Fall Series

The top two teams, Mouz and FURIA, earned $25,000 each as well as a direct invite to the main event in December and the chance to compete for $750,000.

Everything you need to know about this event can be found below, including all of the scores, finalized brackets, and the full final placements.

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown brackets

Group A

BLAST Fall Showdown bracket

Group B

The tournament will consisted of two, single-elimination brackets meeting in the middle, with every match being a best-of-three. The brackets were seeded based on rankings for each team.

Some of the most anticipated games included FaZe vs MiBR, with Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David facing his old team, and Liquid vs MAD, as the North American giants returned to international competition.

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown match scores

Tuesday, 24th November

Stage Match  PT ET GMT  CET
Round of 16 Complexity 2-0 Sprout 04:30 07:30 12:30 13:30
Round of 16 Spirit 1-2 VP  7:30  10:30  15:30  16:30
Round of 16 FURIA 2-1 Isurus  10:30  13:30  18:30  19:30

Wednesday, 25 November

Stage Match  PT ET GMT  CET
Round of 16 Mouz 2-0 Godsent 04:30 07:30 12:30 13:30
Round of 16 NiP 0-2 Cloud9  7:30  10:30  15:30  16:30
Round of 16 FaZe 0-2 MiBR  10:30  13:30  18:30  19:30

Thursday, 26 November

Stage Match  PT ET GMT  CET
Round of 16 Liquid 2-1 MAD  7:30  10:30  15:30  16:30
Round of 16 Heroic 2-1 Endpoint  10:30  13:30  18:30  19:30

Friday,  27 November

Stage Match  PT ET GMT  CET
Quarter-final FURIA 2-1 VP  7:30  10:30  15:30  16:30
Quarter-final Mouz 2-1 Heroic  10:30  13:30  18:30  19:30

Saturday, 28th November

Stage Match  PT ET GMT  CET
Quarter-final MiBR 0-2 Liquid  7:30  10:30  15:30  16:30
Quarter-final Cloud9 2-1 Complexity  10:30  13:30  18:30  19:30

Sunday, 29th November

Stage Match  PT ET GMT  CET
Semi-final FURIA 2 – 1 Team Liquid  7:30  10:30  15:30  16:30
Semi-final Mouz 2 – 0 Cloud9  10:30  13:30  18:30  19:30

*There was no Grand Final for this tournament since the winners of the two semifinals tie for first place and automatically qualify for the BLAST Fall Finals.

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Final Placements

Place Team Prize Money (USD)
1-2 Mousesports $25,000 + Qualify for BLAST Fall Finals
1-2 FURIA $25,000 + Qualify for BLAST Fall Finals
3-4 Cloud9 $15,000
3-4 Team Liquid $15,000
5-8 Complexity $10,000
5-8 MiBR $10,000
5-8 Heroic $10,000
5-8 VP $10,000
9-16 Endpoint $3,750
9-16 MAD $3,750
9-16 FaZe $3,750
9-16 NiP $3,750
9-16 Godsent $3,750
9-16 Isirus $3,750
9-16 Spirit $3,750
9-16 Sprout $3,750

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown teams

BLAST Fall Showdown 2020

The BLAST Premier Fall Showdown included a mix of European and North American teams, the latter of which traveled to Europe to get a better connection to the online tournament.

FURIA, NiP, FaZe, and Complexity found themselves here after BLAST Premier Fall Series, where they failed to qualify for the finals, placing 3rd-4th in their groups. Heroic took Evil Geniuses’ spot after the NA squad was denied travel to Europe due to health restrictions.

Mouz,, Sprout, and Spirit received invites to participate in the event. While Team Liquid decided to not take part in the group stages, their partnership with BLAST landed them an invite to the Showdown.