DeKay Debrief: StarLadder DMCAs, Complexity controversy, CR4ZY remain underrated

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We have reached the New Legends Stage of the StarLadder Berlin Major and before we talk about what’s to come, let’s take a look back at key moments from the New Challengers Stage. 

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StarLadder vs. Streamers

I can’t help but feel the first stage of the Major was marred by the fact that StarLadder went on the offensive by filing DMCA takedown notices against a number of Twitch streamers for streaming GOTV without permission. Everyone involved has had their infraction revoked, but then were met with either having to insert advertisements into their stream or pay money to gain GOTV streaming access.

Each day that passes without a statement from Valve clarifying the situation leaves me fearing that they have in fact given full control over every broadcast medium to StarLadder. Less than 24 hours remain until the New Legends Stage starts, so if they’re going to say something it needs to be today.

Twitter: @fl0mtv
fl0m was the most high-profile streamer taken down in the StarLadder DMCA ban wave.
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Right now, we know that in April of 2018 Valve explicitly told a streamer that broadcasting via GOTV was allowed. The question is, has that changed? If it has, why did it change?

This wasn’t even an issue in the past because most organizers realize the added value streamers bring to the viewing experience. Despite most Majors having the best talent in the world with experienced members of production, that style isn’t for everyone. If I’m honest, I actually prefer watching the Major through a secondary stream. It’s more mellow and allows me to tune out from time to time while getting work done. If I was in charge of a Major, I’d be shouting from my social media that as many streamers as possible should stream GOTV. 

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StarLadder is concerned about what they are getting in return rather than what they should actually be focusing on: getting as many people as possible watching the event. The Major should always be a celebration of the game and this definitely doesn’t feel like one. I’m tired of Valve giving Majors to organizers that spend all of their time focusing on the bottom line instead of the overall product and getting eyes on the game. 

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Jason Lake goes off

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