CS:GO: ZywOo’s insane 1v3 is one of his best clutches ever

L: StarLadder / R: Valve

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Mathieu ‘ZywOo‘ Herbaut showed off his skills with an amazing 1v3 in a Faceit Pro League match.

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ZywOo is one of the youngest professional players in CS:GO at just 18 years old, and he is already talked about as one of the best players in the world.

The French AWPer showed why people think so highly of him as managed to clutch a 1v3 with ease in an FPL match on Overpass.

DreamHackZywOo played a key role in Vitality’s DreamHack Atlanta win.
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His team was one round down in the final stages of the map, and the Team Vitality star was left defending the A bomb-site alone against three rapidly approaching Counter-Terrorists. ZywOo switched to his Desert Eagle and moved in for a close-range battle.

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One CT peeked around the A-long corner and immediately found himself headless as the Frenchman displayed his pinpoint accuracy. The remaining two players moved in together from stairs, relying on strength in numbers.

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ZywOo spotted the players approaching and adjusted his positioning slightly, then opened fire and took them both down with two lightning-fast headshots, securing a crucial round victory for his team.

The community caught wind of this play and showered the French star with praise. One user commented “The first kill is the best. The way he adjusts his position and crosshair is pitch-perfect. How can you be this damn good?” While another added, “How the actual fuck can you play against someone who can basically see the future.”

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Comment from discussion Zywoo clutch.

Comment from discussion Zywoo clutch.

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Many users agreed that ZywOo is an incredible player, and his recent performances seem to be living up to their statements. 

The Frenchman will play his next official match at the StarLadder Berlin Major on August 23, where he will be able to show if he can continue to live up to the hype.