Astralis era coming to a close as Team Liquid CS:GO pass another milestone - Dexerto

Astralis era coming to a close as Team Liquid CS:GO pass another milestone

Published: 15/Jul/2019 23:36 Updated: 15/Jul/2019 23:43

by Alan Bernal


The honors for most dominant Counter-Strike team has quickly passed from Astralis to North American powerhouse Team Liquid as they added yet another major milestone in their dominant streak.

CS:GO is in one of its most competitive eras, but Team Liquid has been standing on top of the dog pile for months with incredible first place finishes at events like DreamHack Masters Dallas, ESL One Cologne, and more.

While the wins are starting to pile up for the Liquid side, a more impressive feat lies in the team’s absolute reluctance to lose a matchup against their opponents when meeting up with them on LAN events.

DreamhackLiquid’s CS:GO team have been playing at an incredibly high level for months.

In a Reddit post, user ‘ofrire1’ noted Liquid’s dominance in their era of being the top CS:GO team around which has now beat out Astralis’ previous record for consecutive LAN match wins.

“Liquid are on an 18 LAN matches winning streak, beating Astralis’ own record of 17,” ofrire1 said. “Interesting to note Astralis’ run was ended by none other than Team Liquid, when they won iBP Masters, their first tournament win with this roster.”

ESL / Helena KristianssonLiquid’s streak on LAN has been a spectacle to watch.

It’s even more impressive to see that a highly competitive 16-13 loss against North during the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals stopped them from achieving the milestone sooner.

Even still, the stacked Liquid roster bulldozed their way through a bevy of top teams to pick up yet another milestone for what’s becoming one of the most impressive runs of any CS:GO team in the modern era.

What’s next for Team Liquid?

With four consecutive first place event finishes since DreamHack Masters Dallas, the NA roster only has one more box to check to silence naysayers who doubt the current Liquid era.

That last feat comes in the form of adding a Major tournament win to their name, but will have that chance when they play at the Starladder 2019 Berlin Major.

StarLadderAll eyes will be on Liquid to see if they can cap off their dominant run with a Major win.

Even though Liquid have already asserted their dominance against most of their competition participating in the upcoming Berlin event, CS:GO fans are going to be eager to see if this iteration of the team can bring NA its second Major win in two years.


Why NiKo isn’t the answer to G2’s CSGO crisis | Richard Lewis

Published: 27/Oct/2020 15:20

by Shane King


Rumors are circulating that G2 Esports are set to trade for Bosnian superstar fragger Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač in order to solve their recent struggles on the server.

Richard Lewis breaks down this potential roster move in his latest video for Dexerto taking a look at what this move could potentially mean for G2’s current roster as well as if NiKo could mesh well within the team.

One potential problem Richard states is the fact that this current G2 roster isn’t just one piece of the puzzle away from getting back to the top of the world rankings and actually, FaZe are probably more likely to win now more than G2.

Another issue is that NiKo’s ego may upset the applecart in G2 especially considering the form that KennyS is in at the moment may lead to NiKo being in that all too familiar situation where he has to carry a team on his own back as he had at FaZe clan.