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Alex officially leaves Vitality CSGO as Cloud9, FPX rumors ignite

Published: 10/Sep/2020 7:07

by Andrew Amos


British CS:GO in-game leader Alex ‘Alex’ McMeekin has officially left Team Vitality after six months on the French team’s bench. He is ready to announce his next move soon though, with two teams emerging as front runners: Cloud9 and FunPlus Phoenix.

After weeks of speculation, Alex has confirmed the news: he is officially leaving Team Vitality. He benched himself in March 2020 citing personal reasons with the strenuous travel required of a top level CS:GO player.

“I would like to thank Vitality for always making sure we had what we needed in order to succeed, for always supporting us no matter what time of day,” he said in a September 9 Twitlonger.


The organization also posted a short video of their own farewelling their former IGL. Alex helped lead Vitality to near the top of the CS:GO World Rankings in 2019, including picking up seven trophies for the team.

The team slumped in the first half of 2020, falling out of IEM Katowice in 9-12th and posting mixed results since. Kato would prove to be Alex’s last event with the French roster, being himself just a week after it wrapped up.

Alex’s future may already be decided though. He ended his statement with a hint at his next moves: “how many UK players is too many for one team?”


Where is Alex going? Cloud9, FPX rumors

If you were concerned that the British IGL was going to swap codes to Valorant, you can probably breathe a sigh of relief. He didn’t mention the CS:GO competitor once in his farewell post, so interpret that as you like.

There are two leading candidates for where he could be going though: Cloud9 and FunPlus Phoenix. The former comes off the back of a tweet from HenryG in reply to Alex, which has only fueled speculation he could be part of their rebuild.

“I have no doubt that you’ve made the absolute best decision regarding your future,” Cloud9’s new CS:GO general manager tweeted on September 9. Alex also mentioned he was looking forward to playing Flashpoint, which Cloud9 is a part of.


FunPlus Phoenix, the second candidate, also was part of Flashpoint Season 1. Alex has been linked to the Chinese organization for a couple of weeks, who are also in dire need of a rebuild ahead of Season 2.