Counter-Strike 2 devs warn players to “beware of scams” amid CS2 limited beta test hype

Brad Norton
Counter-Strike 2 gameplay

With the Counter-Strike 2 limited beta test now upon us, and only select fans getting access, devs at Valve have issued a warning for players to “beware of scams” as the floodgates open.

After weeks of detailed reports and numerous leaks, Counter-Strike 2 is finally real. Stealth launching in a limited beta on March 22, the new version of Valve’s iconic shooter is already playable to some degree.

Not everyone is able to jump in right away, however, as only select players have been granted access to this special early version. While certain factors are taken into account, such as overall playtime and Steam account standing, thousands are simply left crossing their fingers in hopes of an invite.

Given the hype already swirling around this not-so-secret surprise launch, some devious characters have looked to capitalize by scamming the community. Fake invites and dangerous ‘beta’ links are flying all over the place, to the extent developers have now issued a warning to try and keep players safe.

“Beware of scams,” the official Counter-Strike Twitter account warned hours after the beta went live. “The only way to check for Limited Test access is to launch CSGO through Steam and check the main menu.”

If you’re receiving emails, messages on social media, or even shady links on Steam itself, be wary these will not grant access to the game. Similarly, if anyone is trying to offer you a key or redemption code for the beta, these are also illegitimate. “There are no Limited Test keys,” the message continued, meaning no one should be paying for access.

“Do not log into third-party sites claiming to check your Steam account for access or offering Limited Test access of keys.”

Once again, the only way to successfully enter the Counter-Strike 2 test is by being invited directly. The only way you’ll receive this invite is through the main menu of CSGO on Steam. Nothing more, nothing less.

So be cautious on the internet for the next few days as others look to take advantage of the situation while hype around CS2 is at its boiling point.

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