Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplayer schools enemies as Asuka Langley

Evangelion protagonist Asuka Langley next to cosplayer.Studio Khara / Instagram: @someonefromrussia / @kyoosh

A Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplayer made waves on Instagram after sharing her insanely accurate take on Asuka Langley. The artist faithfully recreated the protagonist’s academy look.

Making its major television debut in 1995, Evangelion has continued to be one of the most influential animes of all time. Its thrilling sci-fi story helped shape the mecha genre.

To celebrate the groundbreaking series, a talented cosplayer recreated the show’s lead heroine, Asuka Langley, in her iconic school uniform look to perfection.

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Screenshot of Asuka Langley from Evangelion anime.Gainax / Studio Khara
Asuka is one of the most popular characters in the groundbreaking Mecha anime.

Evangelion cosplayer becomes true-to-life Asuka Langley

Neon Genesis takes place in a post apocalyptic version of Tokyo where humanity is under threat from giant creatures called Angels. Mecha pilots like Asuna Langley connect to large robots called Evangelions to fight back the looming threat.

Cosplayer Leza ‘someonefromrussia‘ wowed on Instagram after bringing the anime heroine to life with her insanely accurate costume. The artist faithfully portrayed the character’s signature school uniform attire.

Photographer ‘kyoosh‘ captured Leza showing off the incredible costume with ocean waves in the background. The cosplayer nailed Langley’s signature twin pigtail hairstyle, including her iconic red clips  that sit on both sides of her head.

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The talented artist accurately mirrored the heroine’s light blue dress which sits over her neatly pressed white shirt. She even included the tiny red bow which sits under the collar.

In another shot on social media, someonefromrussia teamed up with fellow cosplayer ‘asaginanami‘ who perfectly depicted Asuna’s classmate Rei Ayanami. The duo stand back-to-back as a gorgeous sunset lights up the sky behind them.

Despite releasing over two decades ago, Neon Genesis continues to be one of the most beloved Japanese series of all time. The Mecha story is popular that it’s gotten several new iterations over the years, including an upcoming film set to debut in 2021 called Thrice Upon a Time.

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Those looking to dive into Evangelion have many choices, –from movies, to the long-running manga. Popular streaming service Netflix currently has the original 1995 anime which can be watched right now.