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Cosplay • Apr 16, 2019

Cloud9 star Sneaky reveals League of Legends inspired cat cosplay

Cloud9 star Sneaky reveals League of Legends inspired cat cosplay
Riot Games / Twitter: Sneaky

Cloud9’s Zack ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi is well-known for his skills as an AD Carry in League of Legends, but the professional player is more than just a pro player - he’s also an impressive cosplayer, as shown in his latest creation where he dressed up as a "pretty kitty".


Sneaky is one of the most popular League of Legends players in North America, and competes regularly in the LCS with Cloud 9.

However, his cosplay prowess has also earned the American a large following, and the bot laner’s latest effort received plenty of attention. In the past, Sneaky has created a number of other costumes from LoL's Soraka Star Guardian, a stunning Zero Two look, and as Bowsette, a fan-created gender-bent version of Bowser from the Super Mario franchise. 

Twitter: Sneaky
Sneaky's incredible Bowsette cosplay.


Sneaky’s Pretty Kitty cosplay

To celebrate April Fools Day, Riot Games organized a special stream in honor of their Cats vs Dogs event, which included new skins for some of the game’s most popular characters, turning them into feline or canine versions of themselves.

Sneaky attended the stream and played a showmatch with a number of other professional players, and decided to get involved with the theme of the event by breaking out a new cat-inspired cosplay.

The bot laner teamed a black and white dress with a silvery wig, wearing a pair of black and pink cat ears alongside some gloves - designed to look like paws.


How did Sneaky and Cloud9’s LCS Spring Split go?

Cloud9 ended up finishing second in the regular season, ended the split with the same record as Team Liquid at 14-4.

At playoffs, the squad lost a closely contested battle to TSM, which went right to the wire with Team SoloMid claiming victory in the fifth and final match of the series.

With the LCS now on a break until the Summer Split kicks off in June, and Cloud9 not attending the Mid-Season Invitational, it’s likely we will see Sneaky create more incredible cosplays before he heads back to League of Legends competition.

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